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Mission & Vision


The Mission of S.M. Collins & Associates, PC is to improve the financial well-being and tax strategies of closely held companies and their owners using a team of experienced, creative, and honest professionals by providing Attestation, Tax, and Advisory Services.


The Vision of our firm is to build relationships with clients by being responsive and holding ourselves accountable for the services in which we are engaged to provide. When obtaining a client we want to maintain that relationship for life. We want our clients to feel comfortable speaking with us on regular basis. No matter what type of client they are, annual, quarterly, or monthly, know that their business is important to us, and that we respect their time and effort as mush as they respect ours. Being in a service industry our employees will be our most important assets and be a major factor in the quality of work we provide to our clients. Our selection, training, and education processes are as important to the success of achieving our mission as the relationships we build with our clients. Our firm looks to marry the more experienced CPA's with a young team of professionals who are creative and educated on all the current changes. Over the past 10 years so many things have changed. Technology alone has created a completely different way of providing services to clients, along with the major changes to the tax code and CPA regulations. Changes such as IFRS (International Accounting Standards) have created a whole new set of rules and regulations, and with a global economy may eliminate GAAP in the future. Changes to the IRS code, such as the Affordable Care Act, effecting both businesses on providing health benefits to employees and individuals tax liabilities. Stricter regulations for preparer penalties and e-filing requirements. With all of these changes most CPA firms are just trying to keep up, but with a group of accountants starting their career in this environment it's just another day at the office. However, the experience, expertise, and work ethic of the CPA's that have been in this field for 20+ years cannot be ignored. The lessons and knowledge they've obtained over the years is crucial for the next generation to learn and grow from.